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Coordinated Voodoo effort puts Kent 1st place in the Cat 3 GC at the 2014 Corsicana Stage Race!

The following are Kent Myer’s own words about the brilliant coordinated efforts of our Cat 3 squad (Kent, Nate Sheetz, and Aaron Wade) that helped him win the Cat 3 GC at Corsicana this year:

Corsicana was one of the first stage races I did last year right after getting my cat 3 upgrade, I had such a great time I was looking forward to the race this year as all of the courses fit my strengths pretty well. We rolled into the host hotel early evening on Friday to find they had managed to lose our reservation, but luckily had a few teammates to bunk up with on rollaway beds.

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Kent gets 1st place in the 3/4 GC at the Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race!

Feb 17, 2014 @ 3:32pm
John Powell


The following are Kent’s own words about his GC win at the 2014 Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race…

As we loaded up the car heading out Friday late morning heading to Mineral Wells, Garreth and I talked mainly about how ideal the weather conditions appeared to be compared to the last two years. As we expected they were a little colder than I would have liked in the morning but almost perfect. We got to Mineral Wells within time to pre-ride both the TT course and a lap around the circuit course. Both courses seemed to be nice and fast with the wind playing a part in both finishes. I warmed up for the circuit race on my trainer for about 30 minutes to get nice and ready for what I assumed would be a tough race.


Driveway Series Week 6

Apr 19, 2012 @ 9:35pm

Tonight’s Driveway was fast and fun.  There was almost no organization in the final sprint so it turned a bit chaotic, but Kent got 4th, Scot was in the top 10, and I got my best finish so far this year, 12th.  Initially I thought I had more in me but the data shows that I hit my max heart rate (199 BPM) so I’m fairly pleased.

I’ll be uploading videos from the race soon.  I managed to catch Aaron dropping his bottle mid race.  Luckily nobody went down but the bottle got beat up.

Driveway Series Week 4

Apr 6, 2012 @ 12:40pm

Well, this week didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped.  I was feeling great, but sometimes it just doesn’t quite go as planned.  I was boxed out in the last corner and ended up just shy of the top 20.  Garreth was able to get 8th, and Geoff got 18th.  Austin Bikes was out in full force, including Nate.  It was great to see him back in the races.  Their new kits look good and are easy to see – so that’s a plus.


Driveway Series Week 1 – 2012

Mar 15, 2012 @ 9:37pm

The Driveway Series is back!  YAY!  I now know what I’m most likely going to be doing for the next 32 Thursday nights.

VooDoo had a good showing in the 3/4 race and managed to get Scot in the top 10 – possibly top 5? We will need to work on organizing because we didn’t put anything together, it was a free-for-all.  In the 4/5 race Kris kicked some butt and took 3rd!  Congrats Kris!

The 3/4 race seemed pretty good, and surprisingly not that sketchy.  The pace wasn’t too terrible – my legs felt great but my lungs are still recovering from some bronchial crud.  I was coughing up the last of the flem (hopefully!) during the race which is always fun.  I have no idea where I placed but I’m sure it wasn’t that good.  I’m just glad to be racing at the Driveway again.

Thanks Holland Racing!

Oh yeah, I have the video from tonight’s race uploading and will post it soon, but unfortunately my Garmin’s battery died so I don’t have any data to go with it.


La Primavera Cat 3/4, Lago Vista

Mar 3, 2012 @ 5:49pm

Noted: this course does not suit us bigger fellas.  The course had a long climb that was just steep enough to really hurt.  It briefly flattens out and then it goes into a very steep descent.  Going 50+ MPH only inches from 50 other people is rather nerve racking.  The descent continues all the way until just before the finish at which point it has a short but decently steep kicker.

We had 7 guys in this race.  Only 2 laps in and Johnny had his chain get stuck.  Then 5 laps in Garreth said he wasn’t sure he was feeling it.  Garreth abandoned shortly after that.  At this point I really started to feel my legs burning and I didn’t think I had much gas left.  Luckily, the pace lifted slightly on lap 6.

As we passed the women’s race, the attacks started.  That was probably a good place to attack (if you were at the front) as we were trying to squeeze into 1 lane of traffic while passing.  That made for an interesting situation.  I think this is about when the break finally was successful.  That means it’s also the point at which I was now guaranteed to be pack fodder.

I somehow managed to hold on and finish, but I don’t think I was even in the top 20.

The only result I know for sure was Aaron got 5th!  Considering how crazy the finish was, that’s a really good placing.

Oh, one last thing.  My stupid camera malfunctioned and so I don’t have any video from the race. Sorry!

Pace Bend 2012

Feb 28, 2012 @ 10:32pm

VooDoo Racing had a strong showing at this year’s Pace Bend Road race.

Cat 3 Race – 62 miles – 10 Laps:

  • Scott Pemberton – 14th
  • Garreth Hays – 23rd
  • Daniel Hurlbert – 24th


Cat 4 Race – 37 miles (was scheduled for 43) – 6 Laps:

  • John Pearson – 7th
  • Kent Myers – 21st
  • Nick Masiewicki – 29th
  • Jon Wyrick – 30th


Masters 50+

  • Geoff Maguire – 14th


We will see you at Lago Vista Saturday!

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