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Coordinated Voodoo effort puts Kent 1st place in the Cat 3 GC at the 2014 Corsicana Stage Race!

The following are Kent Myer’s own words about the brilliant coordinated efforts of our Cat 3 squad (Kent, Nate Sheetz, and Aaron Wade) that helped him win the Cat 3 GC at Corsicana this year:

Corsicana was one of the first stage races I did last year right after getting my cat 3 upgrade, I had such a great time I was looking forward to the race this year as all of the courses fit my strengths pretty well. We rolled into the host hotel early evening on Friday to find they had managed to lose our reservation, but luckily had a few teammates to bunk up with on rollaway beds.

Photo Mar 23, 11 17 04 AM


Austin Tri Cyclist Blog: Profile of Nate Sheetz

Jan 29, 2014 @ 8:49pm
John Powell

One of our racers, Nate Sheetz, was recently profiled on the Austin Tri Cyclist Blog. It’s a fantastic story about courage, work ethic, and the dedication it takes to excel at cycling.


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